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MOM was founded in 1992 by South Bronx mothers demanding equity for their children in the very unequal NYC public schools.  MOM brings parents and students to the table with the Department of Education, elected officials, principals and administrators, as we believe participation and power are essential components to guaranteeing quality and equity in public education.  MOM also researches and documents the effects of educational experiments such as the emergence of empowerment schools & small schools; the rampant use of “special education;” and the turnover of school security to the NYPD.  We use these results to further educate and empower the community to demand change. 

Read more about MOM's struggle for Urban School Reform

Institute for Education and Social Policy
NYU, November 2003

Since 2004,Youth on the Move has organized South Bronx students to take leadership in their schools, and introduced these new voices to city-wide campaigns and coalitions to ensure that city, state and national policies and solutions do not overlook or marginalize Bronx youth experience.

MOM is proud to turn over our education organizing to these new leaders!


MOM's Education Justice Demands:

  • Budget Accountability: MOM believes education should be a budget priority for the city, state and federal governments.  Within Empowerment Schools, principals are given absolute control over the budget of a school.  MOM insists that principals work with parents and students to determine budgeting priorities. 
  • Educate, don't Incarcerate! Feeling safe, not criminalized is identified by our youth as critical to a productive learning environment. MOM demands accountability from the NYPD for student safety, and opposes the proposed new jail in Hunts Point.
  • Student Success Centers address students’ holistic needs in order to better enable them to succeed academically.  Services can include college-prep classes, a health clinic, support for teen mothers, conflict mediation, etc.  SSCs have proven instrumental in reversing failing numbers from inner city schools in Philadelphia. 
  • Community Vision for Education As part of MOM’s South Bronx Community Visioning process, Parents and students will be challenged to think beyond our current school system to envision and plan a public school system that truly serves the South Bronx.  




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