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Congratulations NYCHA tenants on winning a new manager!  Now let's get some $$!

MOM's Housing Justice Committee unites thousands of South Bronx tenants from different buildings to secure building repairs, maintenance, security, and affordable housing.  After participating in the U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta during June, 2007, MOM joined the national struggle to save public housing, starting with (NYCHA) buildings St. Mary's, Moore, Bronxchester and McKinley Houses. 

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MOM's Housing Justice DEMANDS



NYC must fund its city-owned developments.  The City has 7,000 NYCHA units it built that do not receive federal operating subsidies the City must baseline $30 million in OPERATING SUBSIDIES each year. 


NYC MUST WAIVE THE $23 MILLION NYCHA PILOT PAYMENT- NYCHA pays the city $23 million a year for PILOT (payments in lieu of property taxes) under a standing agreement. Nonprofit housing providers are usually exempted from property taxes.


ELIMINATE THE $73 MILLION A YEAR PAYMENTS TO THE NEW YORK CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT - NYCHA pays the city $73 million a year for "special police services" under a standing agreement. Resident leaders claim they do not receive special services and it is unjust to pay the NYPD to do at public housing developments, what is done across the whole city.




NYS MUST FUND ITS NYS DEVELOPMENTS BY ALLOCATING $70 MILLION A YEAR FOR STATE OPERATING SUBSIDIES - The State has 14,000 units of public housing it built in New York City and 6,000 units outside the city, It must baseline an estimated $70 million in operating subsidies statewide each year.





INCREASE FEDERAL FUNDING – During the past decade we have continued to see a decrease in federal operating subsidies to NYCHA.  This year NYCHA only received 83¢ for every dollar it needs to operate its developments.  The federal government must resume funding for NYCHA at 100% of operating allocations.


Minimize the diversion of Section 8 voucher funds for operational support of public housing - As part of its preservation plan, NYCHA proposes to use Section 8 voucher funds to close its operating deficit. WHO LOSES? Tens of thousands of Section 8 waiting list families lose the housing opportunities the vouchers provide.

Federalization of state/city units - congress must pass H.R. 1235. - Public Housing Equal Treatment Act – Congresswoman Velazquez and Senator Chuck Schumer have introduced legislation that will federalize both the city and state created developments.  This will force HUD to allocate funding for the city and state developments which it currently does not provide.  This is a critical step towards reducing NYCHA’s current and future deficit problems as well a commitment to preserving 21,000 NYC public housing units.


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