Mothers on the Move / Madres en Movimiento (MOM) is a member-led community organization which was founded in 1992 as a vehicle for low-income people of color to take strategic leadership in campaigns to transform ourselves and our communities.   MOM envisions a society where resources and benefits are equally shared, and where people play a role in community decision-making in proportion to the degree they are affected.  We are fighting for a South Bronx where future generations have clean air, well-resourced & community-controlled schools, safe streets, green space, good jobs and more control over the wealth that their labor creates. 

To further guide us as we strive to fulfill our mission and vision through grassroots organizing, our members have developed a Statement of Princiiples that serve as our compass.


• Mothers on the Move is a social justice community organization.
• We are organizing to build a just society where there is equal economic, social and political opportunity for all.
• We work collectively, based on our love for our children, our families, our community and humanity.
• We have faith in each other, that together we will create a better society.
• We believe in respect, dignity and equality for everyone, regardless of ability, age, culture, gender, sexual orientation or any other defining
• We celebrate the power of our diversity.
• We invite people to join us and share in the struggle to reach our goals.