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MOM's Hardcore Staff

Wanda SalamanWanda Salaman, Executive Director
Born in Puerto Rico, Wanda has lived in New York City for almost 30 years. She was a leader at the North West Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition for ten years, including training organizers through the TICO program. Wanda began working with MOM as a housing justice organizer in January of 2002, and within the year, organized 18 tenant associations in six months.  As the executive director, Wanda has cultivated young leadership within the organization, and worked to connect housing with environmental justice and access to quality education. 


Revital Aranbaev, Student Success

Revital was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel and moved to NY at an early age. In college, studying Women’s Issues and Journalism at the University at Albany allowed her to focus on social injustices and write about them in various newspapers and publications. She also interned at The Jerusalem Post; the most widely circulated newspaper in Israel for English speakers.   In 2007, she was recruited as a Community Organizing Fellow for the NYC Social Justice Leadership Activate program and was placed at MOM as the Youth Justice Organizer. As Youth Organizer, she supports high school students in making social change at their schools.  In her free time, Revi is studying holistic medicine and yoga in order to promote equal health access to residents of oppressed communities, particularly women and children.


Nova Strachan

Housing Justice

As a resident at Claremont Consolidated, Nova grew frustrated at the lack of information about the future of affordable public housing in the community. At MOM, Nova fuses her local experience in health, recreation and business to communicate with and motivate a broad range of people to join in the fight to save public housing and keep the Bronx safe, healthy and accessible for local residents. Nova is also a singer / songwriter, most recently performing with the city-wide anti-gentrification play "Zombie Purim."


Elizabeth Ortega,

Youth on the Move


Mark Swier

Development and Communications


Thomas Assefa, Environmental Justice

Thomas came to the U.S. from Ethiopia to pursue higher education in 1999. The poverty level and economic exploitation of poor people in his native country, coupled with the disenfranchisement of communities here in the U.S. led him to believe that people who are negatively impacted by societal problems should be the ones deciding what to do about their predicament. He thus pursued various avenues to fight for social justice, including volunteer work in a community-based organization and a local labor union in New York City and an organizing campaign for cafeteria workers at a State University in Ohio. Thomas was recruited as a Community Organizing Fellow at the New York City Social Justice Leadership (SJL), Activate program and placed at MOM.  Thomas likes to hike in the mountains, meditate, and spend quality time with his wife.


Maria Rivera, Welfare to Work

Maria moved to the Bronx from Puerto Rico when she was seven. She is known throughout the Bronx as a resource for community justice, taking the lead on rallies and protests that bring Bronx residents together to demand change. Since 2005, she has worked with MOM to link the city's job training programs with community improvement projects, providing on-on-one and group guidance. Maria leads by example, demonstrating to participants how to be a leader and organizer in the community.






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