Mothers On the Move is a membership-led organization. Philosophically and operationally this means we believe in the ability and expertise of our members. From the Board of Directors to the smallest organizational event, MOM is structured to have the members in the forefront because we understand that the membership and the community is at the heart of what has kept MOM beating over the last 25 years.

The effectiveness of MOM's work is a measure of the degree and quality of leadership development. As such, leadership development occurs the first day a member or a staff walks through the door. Our belief is that leadership development needs to be intersecting, multi-teired and ongoing.Members and staff are all charged with the responsibility to engage in leadership development to increase their skills as well as creating opportunities to develop other members and staff.


With the framework of membeshipr-led grassroots organizing, our campaigns are a development of issues that address a quartet of intersecting crises affecting and afflicting Bronx Residents: ecological devastation and a dire lack of affordable housing, job access, and political power. Grounded by the work of members in a 2008-2009 organizational-wide Community Visioning Process, MOM's current campaigns are lead by Youth On the Move, Housing Justice, and Green Jobs.


Our movement building efforts aim to accomplish three major areas of our work; expand the power, reach and impact of our local campaign works; connect and develop the leadership of our members and staff with others striving towards similar goals; and contribute to the building and development of the social justice movements in New York City and beyond.